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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; dispute whether the player Zheng Zhi "foot in both camps" & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; yesterday, Suzhou Nike Sporting Goods Co. (the "Nike" ) sued Adidas (China), Adidas (Suzhou) Company and football player Zheng unfair competition case recently with the latest results. Nike Beijing Chaoyang District Court approved the withdrawal on the grounds of insufficient evidence, however, Nike's exclusive statement sent to the newspaper, said there may once again accused the previous proceedings. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike had signed with Zheng Zhi had valid from 2003 to 2007 an exclusive sponsorship contract, the contract also stipulates that the contract period Zheng Zhi can not use its own image, directly or directly or indirectly, to any other competition with Nike brand or product in promotional activities. However, from 2005 onwards, Zheng has repeatedly participated in their personal capacity Adidas brand campaign in China and Europe, and wearing Adidas jersey. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; to this end, we believe Nike and Adidas as a Retro jordans for sale direct competitor to the market operators and the plaintiffs in the knowing that a prior engagement Nike and Zheng case, contrary to accepted business ethics, induce, manipulate Zheng violated its commitment to the plaintiff, the use of Zheng's image in a big way in the commercial promotion activities, damage to the legitimate rights and interests of Nike, Nike constitute unfair competition. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; trial June 29, 2006, the agent said Zheng, Zheng Zhi in 2003 indeed signed a contract with Nike, but the second half of 2004, Nike is terminated to Zheng Chi remuneration paid under the contract, March 18, 2005, Zheng sent a letter to Nike told to terminate the contract, it did not exist in 2004 after allegations of the second half of the Nike "Nike Zheng while receiving remuneration, while receiving Adi inducements" argument. While Zheng Zhi is involved Adidas company's activities, that he accepts the Football Association appointed by the Luneng sent, not to be "manipulated and inducements." Adidas agent Wang Xiaoyun lawyer said that Adidas jordan 3 katrina 2018 Chinese company was founded in August 2005, Nike None of the alleged violations associated with them, it should not be a case the defendant, the prosecution Adidas Suzhou unfounded. At the time, Adidas, Nike also said in a statement before the court did not issue a formal notice to hold a media briefing, "it is the kind of market speculation." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In a statement to the newspaper, the Nike explain why say withdrawal, because of the complexity of the facts of the case, Nike believes more time is needed to collect further evidence, therefore decided Lift the nolle prosequi, and right within the statutory limitations on the above defendant again reserved to the court proceedings. Nike also expressed confidence that the court will make a fair decision in this case. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Wang Xiaoyun told reporters yesterday, "withdrawal of consent of the court, indicating Nike lawsuit filed this reason very well, which claims it is impossible to be supported, so withdrawal is wise. "However, Wang Xiaoyun for Nike might sue again," s cheap air jordans aid Nike and Adidas lawsuit, no one afford to lose, not eighty percent sure, should never have sued Nike, Adidas was forced to respond, withdrawal after the prosecution, that is frivolous lawsuits " & nbsp;. & nbsp; & nbsp; ??3?? also revealed that Adidas recently held a press conference to clarify the matter will tell you the case has ended, to restore the damaged Adidas reputation.Vans Vault the latest Horween Leather leather shoes 2013-12-08 22:36:33 Horween Leather was founded in 1905 in Chicago leather brand, in order to produce top leather famous. Vans and its cooperation also has a long time, before we reported for you, Vans's high-end branch brand Vans Vault has teamed up with Horween Leather brought us a Vans Vault Era LX shoes, today to recommend for you this shoe also belongs to this joint series. Vans Vault Mt. Edition Decon Nike Air Tech Challenge II brand new "Clay Blue" color matching is on sale at 2014-05-06 22:43:10 in the complex moment short time popularity rapidly jump up classic tennis shoes Nike Air Tech Challenge II, which is n cheap foamposites ew color will be available for sale, the "Clay Blue" white color using the artificial leather shoes of perforation of main body, supplemented with blue leather material to be decorated, Swoosh in orange, thick the tongue and splash decorations makes shoes very retro taste. It is reported that this color matching is scheduled for sale in the major counters and designated stores since March and white Air Force 1 Low is nothing new. But with the Mini Swoosh design, it suddenly strikes me as a playful and lovely element. To be in the near future the arrival of Nike Force 1 Air Low "University Red", believe that it can be used to attract a lot of lovely small hooks, Sneakerhead. this week, Adidas Originals announced their brand new Superstar Bounce Primeknit shoes. The first "Triple White" color, but also let us focus on the product itself. Simple white, highlights the texture of the Primeknit upper, and the fusion of Bounce technology with it. It is reported that the color has been published in the figure, priced at $120.Weibo Company Cooperative jordans on sale mens Contact Us Copyright Beijing Seth Times Media Culture Co., Ltd. Copyright? 2015 SIZE media, All Right Reserved. Beijing ICP 13028176 Nike Hyperdunk 2012 Black / royal blue and gray / orange tushang 2013-12-08 22:43:23 network exposure recently two new color Nike Hyperdunk 2012 were black / royal blue and gray / orange color, as one of the flagship of the 2012 Nike basketball shoes, integration of new technology to make it hot on the pitch. The new color is about to go on sale to meet with you, more color choice enough to make you become the most dazzling of a basketball court. Durant on foot KD 6 "Year of the Horse" iD version 2014-02-24 21:04:53 Thunder in yesterday's game against the Nets, Thunder get a big score early lead, which also makes Durant early fate, their own record of consecutive 30 + also end. But in the game, still no lack of highlights, like on the foot of the new version of Durant KD6, across the Atlantic in order to meet the Chinese Lunar New Year, Durant also the occasion to wear a pair of & nbsp; KD 6 "Year of the Horse " Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale iD color, color is absolutely dazzling shine audience. Early in the season before the start of adidas will be said to be as Damian Lillard create signature boots, and then they release their spy. With 2014 about the past, the network has brought us the details of the shoes Pictures, choose black to create the whole body of the shoe, techfit Technology blessing lining, midsole use Black Inkjet point modification, the use of black and white camouflage outsole texture rendering. Logo of personal adornment Lillard in the heel, the tongue is the use of his name embellishment. It is reported that the shoes will soon be on sale, and interested friends may wish to continue to look at it.There must be a pair of shoes our cupboard, no matter what it looks like, you should also often patronize. If you usually wear a casual style, a simple style, that pair of good-looking fashion shoes, for you concave shape will be of great help. The following shoes, color lifting, will give you the whole style brings bright spots, you don't have to worry ab air jordan 11 space jam for sale out and others hit, because more expensive. made in Italy this pair of leather shoes Marni leisure round black shoes, white laces and Rose Beige shoes in detail with a sharp contrast. The interior is also made of leather, which adds to the comfort of the dress. Sports shoes daily outfit is the time to upgrade, this pair of leather shoes and leisure Marni is your first choice. Rose Beige shoes: Marni price: About 3035 yuan collocation suggestion workplace Because has shoes is very compelling, so long as the whole suit collocation slightly with the simple white shirt to achieve a smooth and clean feeling. white shirt: Thom Browne price: about 3109 yuan black suit coat: Cos price: About 1846 yuan Cos: black trousers price: About 865 yuan College white socks are indispensable fashion people, fashionable shoes collocation is to roll a few laps trousers slightly exposed ankle wrapped by a charming white socks. white stockings: Thom Browne price: About 668 yuan Burberry: dark sweater price: About 1862 yuan Black Slim jeans: K jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black uro price: About 1465 yuan chic Warm color visual color collocation shoes will feel very warm, plaid shirt hem exposed making the overall shape more layered. plaid shirt: J.Crew price: about 680 yuan Beige Pants: Hackett price: About 971 yuan Brown sweater: AMI price: about 1000 yuan the fabric of this pair of shoes is made of leather. It not only looks more texture in appearance, but also leather inside, so its comfort is its bright spot. A pair of shoes, we consider the shape of it, and more importantly, shoes on foot comfort. This pair of Marni casual leather 〉Come to the night's Allstar Saturday highlight - Night, believe that everyone has a good clear. This year's Allstar Satuday on the back about the atmosphere is really left better than in previous years! In the Department of media seats which often see a lot of media will use this opportunity to raise the full spirit of "Li", but this year NBA is inserted between games. Different left many interesting programs, for example, Chris Paul left please "Dunk Contest" Zi and Mel jordans on sale online o have the same Green Draymond Aberdeen, harmonic Kevin Hart's three star points race. One of the main and the three season Klay beat Thompson with "Stephen's Curry" spray brothers also get the audience cheers.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Puma announced that Rihanna took over as the newest creative director of the brand, and revealed that she will work with the brand design of the new series, the reaction of a public shoe fans can be described as good bad mixed. However, in the news release shortly after the sole topic of character wore black Puma baskets can cause a lot of people attention, negative voices also will be diminished. Recently, Rihanna and wearing exclusive Puma baskets appeared again, but this time into the hot shoe soles gum industry, people can not help but speculate that in the end is not her collaboration with Puma series models. There has yet to prove that this is indeed the message that will be launched in shoes, but enough to cause their new series of more buy cheap jordans online expectations. Last year, Rihanna has become heavily engaged Puma brand creative director, made her "hands" added to the product creation. Then, also with United Legwear and Apparel Co. joint venture Puma Kids Apparel NA LLC cooperation children's series, but the brand was not a clear upward trend. In fact, Kering group move into the lifestyle brand is no way to generate a valid value for shareholders, synergies luxury did not happen as expected. Since the 2007 acquisition of Puma, return on invested capital and income profits of its brands are going in the wrong direction. Although it has been working to improve the brand development direction. The first six months, the company announced net profit fell 45.9%, to 21.5 million euros (about 24 million US dollars). Turnover increased by 15.7 percent to 1.6 billion euros (about 1.8 billion US dollars), footwear sector again contributed double-digit growth. After currency adjustment, turnover rose in the first half amounted to 5.9%. (. Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News China's top ten brand footwear 20 candidates: Hornet, simple-minded, bears, cats Di dream) & nbsp;sports wear products hot, making health and sports fields once again become the focus of attention of the technology giants. The new market means a new profit growth point, regardless of product is not mature, be sure to catch up with the trend, while the market is hot points a cup of soup. Iphone6 Iwatch (actually Apple watch, hereinafter referred to as Iwatch) increases the physical health monitoring again pushed to the cusp of the topic, apple Iwatch "sports and health" propaganda on-chip appeared a lot riding sports lens, then new iphone6 Iwatch what cycling brought what? in retrospect, apple in the movement of the health sector is one of the pioneers, in the early period of iPod Apple launched the Nike + iPod Sport Kit, but at the time due to the limitation of the iPod itself hardware and need to separate Nike + accessories placed in running shoes can realize monitoring the movement, mature period and then hand machine with built-in sensors that make iPhone can eliminates the need for additional hardware, direct calls to the phone's internal sensor, as long as the use of nike+running sports such as software can realization of trajectory records and step function. Today, with the development of smart phones, most software can borrow mobile gravity acceleration sensor and GPS monitoring the movement, but due to the mobile sensor is not designed for the sports development, resulting in the software looks powerful, generally has high power consumption, monitoring results inaccurate phenomenon, resulting in the availability greatly reduced. iPhone6 conference, Apple introduced the latest M8 dynamic co processor 2013 and apple in iphone5s introduced M7 dynamic co processor. It is mainly used for the movement of the user identification, the coprocessor can greatly reduce the power consumption of mobile phones, for a long time movement monitoring possible. In this year's release of iPhone6, apple upgraded the co processor, the new M8 co processor is an important feature that can detect the difference between running and riding. After Nike products the bracelet was upgraded to the second generation was added to ride and motion detection, in this way, in the use of some software for exercise unified timing, it will not appear riding 10km is not running 200m cumulative amount of exercise much embarrassment. in addition, iPhone6 also added a pressure sensor, you can measure the user's altitude, and the results are very accurate measurement. Before there are a lot of riding software will be based on the GPS data display real-time elevation, and after the end of the ride to generate the elevation of the trajectory of the elevation map, and statistics of the cumulative rise and fall of the altitude of the ride. But due to too large fluctuations of GPS data error, making the most of the time elevation data generated map like ECG of jitter, which previously only a mobile phone with a built-in a pressure sensor (such as Samsung S5), now iPhon〉After the Air Jordan XXXI It is reported that the item: 555088-113 release date: October 1, 2016Sale price: