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9 months, and to the annual, the beginning of the Army (sun) training (black) day! some time ago, "spring breeze ten miles is better than you" also military training once! Dongyu Zhou dressed in camouflage in the play, a face white, Su Yan muscle, is really not see the heat of the training sun! (hint: you don't have a female halo!) So your facts might be like this! good university life, start not dark (right!) The so-called white cover three ugly, a black destroy all. So intimate sister street, invited Joe teacher to surprise everyone whitening repair small knowledge! sun first step: soothing and repairing a lot of younger sister after exposure, hurry whitening. This is a big mistake! When the sun skin redness, itching, is actually in the inflammatory state. At this time, with whitening products, it is likely to stimulate the skin, causing inflammation of the skin pigmentation. So the primary care is soothing after sun repair skin, oh! Specifically how to do it? 1, first aid, soothing nursing time: 6 hours after sun sun is the golden period of emergency. first time calm, relieve inflammation, reduce the degree of tanning. specific practices: 1, red hot sun is a serious conditio jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black n, can choose the aloe gel, repairing gel thickness deposited on the face. 2, after sun skin touch the water won't hurt you, you can take contains chamomile, calendula, Aloe Soothing ingredients make-up water soaked piece of cotton or paper mask, wet compress on the face. 3, never freeze or ice. Otherwise, further irritation can damage your skin. Sister : Water StreetThe quality of CHCEDO sun skin lotion 110 yuan /70mlAlthough does not love savory taste, but quite comfortable with gel texture. Repair of components which contains Edelweiss, gorgeous name ~ the key is not alcohol!! 2, the first week of basic care also soothes nursing time: 1 weeks after sunburn until inflammation disappears. focuses on repairing barrier function this week to improve skin resistance and self repair. a week after sun skin in an unstable state, so the woman who suggested that sister street, the daily water for soothing type. And you can use make-up water to do wet dressing care, you can also prepare a spray containing essential oils, moisture replenishment at any time. MINON honey, amino acid moisturize and moisturize make up water I& amp; II 190 yuan /150ml MINON is the first Japanese resident cheap air jordans @Cosme awards, the main use of amino acid to improve skin moisturizing, repair sensitive skin. 1 of them are refreshing, and 2 are moisture based. More annoying is that its home in the domestic entities to buy fewer channels, Tmall flagship following the earlier introduced the function of waterproof "TRAIL" series, Herschel Supply Co. the main diversification series, SURPLUS series is also worth attention, making use of wear cloth with adjustable inclination, unique blue technology, showing a unique texture, the inclined lines in blue is more convex, with heavy metal matte zipper bag and other military details; in addition, there are a series of small accessories, full of American retro atmosphere. I Love Ugly x Onitsuka Tiger ghost tiger joint design 2017-03-29 11:19:40 New Zealand famous life fashion brand I Love Ugly launched its first and Onitsuka Tiger ghost tiger tiger joint shoes. In addition to the demanding details, I Love Ugly incorporates the original style of North Island and South Island in the design inspiration of new zealand. of the Stonehenge in the South Island of New Zealand is the shoe as the acme of perfection, use the Onitsuka Tiger COLORADO EIGHTY-FIVE MT SAMSARA onit cheap foamposites suka tiger classic shoes, canvas shoes for the dark to reshape a tribute South Stonehenge: deconstructive style collocation black full grain leather polishing fabric, and the South Island of New Zealand's rock landscape echoes have experienced years of wind and frost. Lush lush vegetation adorned the entire South Island, just as the vamp was embellished with greenish markings and sutures. The Glacier Canyon, boundless wilderness and lofty Southern Alps, magnificent and full of wild beauty to the South Island of New Zealand to become the world's most stunning scenery resorts. COLORADO EIGHTY-FIVE MT SAMSARA shoes with light colored canvas upper shoes give off the vibrant vitality of the North island. The island's volcanic geothermal areas show a contrast of beauty with a peaceful Southern natural environment. Here, the land scenery and the rugged rocks rolling West Beach to create a piece of the quiet. The color and the Red Cross Stitch of the shoes show the natural style of the North Island in new zealand. offering information price: 990 yuan I Love Ugly x Onitsuka Tiger shoes will be landed in mainland China on April 1, 2017, and will be sold on Onitsuka Tiger ghost tiger designat buy cheap jordans online ed store and Tmall flagship store. Details can focus on Onistuka Tiger ghost tiger official WeChat, in order to obtain more information. black Onitsuka Tiger ghost tiger Shanghai IAPM shop 4-426, middle Huaihai Road, Shanghai, 999 Onitsuka Tiger onitsuka tiger Beijing Joy City store North Xidan Beijing city street Xidan Joy City 5 floor 22 white paragraph Onitsuka Tiger ghost tiger Shanghai IAPM shop 4-426, middle Huaihai Road, Shanghai, 999 Onitsuka 〉By the French popular fashion brand BWGH in cooperation with the sports brand PUMA to create a joint project, before the formal 2014 winter series has several joint shoes. The design is mainly based on Ethan Cook Abstract Expressionist artists of the classic works as inspiration, starting with XS-698 and XS-85o sports shoes brand's Retro modeled design technique through color and color matching, high quality suede with mesh material of the shoe body, not only retains the shoes themselves retro, also the perfect present the pursuit of minimalist fashion brand. At present, the series has been purchased by HYPEBEAST Store, love friends please pay attention. bwgh-x-puma-2014-fall-winter-footwear-1.jpg (55.11 KB, download number: air jordan 11 space jam for sale 0) download BWGH x PUMA winter 2014 new joint 2014-11-3 upload 12:29 bwgh-x-puma-2014-fall-winter-footwear-2.jpg (57.04 KB, download number: 0) download BWGH x PUMA winter 2014 new joint 2014-11-3 12:29 upload bwgh-x-puma-2014-fall-winter-footwear-3.jpg (63.27 KB, download number: 0) download BWGH x PUMA winter 2014 new joint 2014-11-3 12:29 upload bwgh-x-puma-2014-fall-winter-footwear-4.jpg (55.08 KB, download number: 1) download BWGH x PUMA winter 2014 new joint 2014-11-3 12:30 upload bwgh-x-puma-2014-fall-winter-footwear-8.jpg (53.88 KB, download number: 1) download BWGH x PUMA winter 2014 new joint 2014-11-3 12:31 upload bwgh-x-puma-200 yesterday, is Chinese shoes are international procurement section "Li? Second days our contest registration, the reporter saw in the Chengdu TV station and procurement section two points, who competed in a continuous line. Morning at about 10, although the sky with light rain, Chengdu TV's entry point or line up. Occupation model, college students, doctors and teachers...... "Li? Our contest not only caused public participation passion, has attracted wide attention and recognition of Chengdu footwear enterprises and national foot Retro jordans for sale wear enterprises. "shoe model match Chengdu shoes, a shoe model team in Chengdu, is a kind of cultural industry, the Chengdu footwear industry bigger and stronger, improve Chengdu shoes brand in domestic and international influence and popularity has important significance." Chengdu Meilidian shoes deputy general manager Zhou Lecheng speech. according to statistics, two days, contest enrollment of more than 300 people, including the occupation model, college students, and more than 50 year old oral doctors, some car companies and insurance companies for special groups to participate in the training team in Chengdu, the Italian tourist Mara also rushed to miss the purchase Festival Organizing Committee entries. A more than 50 year old oral doctor phoned, she confidently said, "don't look at my age, but my feet are definitely still very beautiful." 12, 4 pm, Lairong tour in Italy Mara Miss through friends: find the Organizing Committee of the registration site. Mara height 1 meter 7, she said, Chengdu is a beautiful and rich cultural elements of fashion, is his honor to participate in such activities, also have confidence in winning. Yesterday, the 2004 "miss Suining" Zhang Rui, a ci jordans on sale mens rcus who went to the United States to show professional actor Hu Yao are positive for jujitsu. many entrepreneurs said that through such activities, pick out their own professional shoe mould company. The organizing committee responsible person also said that the first database will be established in Chengdu shoe mold, domestic and foreign footwear buyers come to Chengdu, the shoe model show display, you can order the object to find. As of press time, the Organizing Committee of statistics, more than 500 people two days to call to consult the staff. as for the opening of the new hot, the organizing committee decided by a special duty hotline 66708515. (Editor: admin)Sports players Nike WMNS Roshe Run HYP new color design & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2014-06-12 11:15:34 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: highsnobiety] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network June 12 hearing, following the earlier release of a series of color design, a few days ago and in recent years the sports brand Nike Roshe Run HYP flagship bring this new color shoes. Designed with minimalist Roshe Run modeled departure, and adopted turq jordans on sale online uoise green mesh material Hyperfuse technology combined constitute the upper, combined with the same thick Phylon midsole color rendering, full of cool summer atmosphere. (Media Partner: shoe-like image & nbsp; Ju Chen Yue men) Related newsIn recent years the heady LeBron makes Nike happy, either LeBron 12 or Zoom Soldier 8 have already swept the world, Ambassador and LeBron as representative of shoes shoes combat premier also recently officially released the new version. Still new to combat for the design of the main line, composed of ultra light nylon fiber vamp can not only continue to provide near perfect air permeability, its light weight can also make you feel shenqingruyan no weight-bearing wearing experience, and in order to enhance the feelings still in the package into the Flywire upper fly line technology. The combination of Zoom and Max as sole air cushion visible Air classic air cushion is still retained, interested friends please sustained attention. TB2WBapbXXXXXaFXXXXXXXXXXXX-692292181.jpg (96 KB, download times: 7) download attachment Nike Ambassador VII envoy 7 2014-11-18 upload at 16:32 TB2bHqsbXXXXXX_XXXXXXXXXXXX-692292181.jpg (106.68 KB, download times: 19) down Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale load attachment Nike Ambassador VII envoy 7 2014-11-18 upload at 16:31 TB2IHWobXXXXXa7XXXXXXXXXXXX-692292181.jpg (101.5 KB, download times: 10) download attachment Nike Ambassador VII envoy 7 2014-11-18 upload at 16:32 TB2FbKibXXXXXbJXpXXXXXXXXXX-692292181.jpg (102.7 KB, download times: 14) download attachment Nike Ambassador VII envoy 7 2014-11-18 upload at 16:31 TB2vMOmbXXXXXcbXXXXXXXXXXXX-692292181.jpg (84.38 KB, download times: 6) download attachment Nike, Ambassador, VII 〉Asics's most popular shoes are Gel, Lyte, III, Gel, Lyte, V and Gel Saga, these three shoes with outstanding performance and shape, perennial occupy Asics shoes popularity list top three. This brings new color design of the Asics Gel Saga, honey yellow suede and stiletto leather vamp composition, with the dark grey claw logo, equipped with the classic shoes outsole provides comfortable cushioning experience. The new The Good Will Out is now available, the number of H526L-7162, the price of 119 euros. asics_gel_saga_tan_dark_brown_h526l-7162.jpg (59.38 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Asics Gel Saga new color 2014-11-11 upload 00 at 11:40 was originally scheduled on February 15th off jordan 3 katrina 2018 icially released the Nike Air Foamposite One Mirror All-Star in the domestic market is not predictable, really makes a lot of fans of shoes greatly disappointed, it is precisely because of its incomparable let the mirror effect become the hottest styles in the global shoe city, if you want to be in the bag, you must have to increase up to thousands of yuan. Recently, it is learned that the British and Sweden's Sneakersnstuff shoes website is expected to usher in Nike replenishment, conditional friends may wish to pay more attention. This is the 2015 NSW all star series of members, the body of the shoe to a high degree of reflective effect is presented, the star tongue and heel shoes appear on behalf of the New York five area and four basketball game, which is more closely linked to Logo with Nike NYC theme. nike-air-chromeposite-one-mirror-restock.jpg (204.22 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike Air Foamposite One Mirror All-Star is expected to replenish 2015-5-7 upload at 13:56 nike-air-chromeposite-one-mirror-restock-3.jpg (203.8 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike, Air, Foamposite, One, Mirror, All-Star〉& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; August 10, 2008 visiting Iraqi Olympic Committee, with the domestic basketball equipment manufacturers work together --- Peak Group conference held in Beijing, announced the establishment of Olympic Group and the Iraqi Olympic Committee strategic partnership, the Olympic campaign will be sponsored by the delegation of Iraq 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Olympic Games to provide all sports equipment. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "at the Beijing Olympic Games approaching, the company's international strategy is fully implemented." internationalization Pick Xu Zhihua, deputy general manager referred to, including the signing of Iraq's Olympic team, which is part of the International Olympic brand, the other part is to make full use of international capital markets. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Peak Group chairman Xu Jing Nan will be revealed later, Sequoia Capital Peak Group has become the largest shareholder, investment accounted for 7.8% of total capital, the company's next goal will be overseas listing. Time and place Jingnan market, "said the company has not been determined is in full swing, including management model, and strive to introduce aspects of talent.." & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; concerned Forecast: Peak Group, a listed After or will become the third largest sporting goods manufacturer.Sports players adidas Originals XENO "Black Pack" sneakers discoloration series & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2015-02-05 14:31:40 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: kidulty] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network February 5 hearing, this year's NBA All-Star Weekend will be held in New York this international stage, so the major brands do not want to miss this great opportunity to show their, adidas Originals will be overwhelmed in the city Nightlife for inspiration, to bring this unprecedented "Black Pack" do not note series. The new series covers the ZX Flux, Superstar and Attitude Hi three shoes, the design can be used on all materials produced XENO color, this material is a snake-inspired research and development from Southeast Asia, and the general state It is normal black, the event will be presented direct illumination dazzling neon surface, very eye-catching. It is reported that the series will be played on February 13 landed adidas Originals select retailers, including ZX Flux XENO, Superstar XENO and Metro Attitude XENO priced at $ 120 USD, $ 110 and US $ 140. (Media Partner: Luoman Qi Shoes & nbsp; progenitor cloud Winnipeg shoes) & nbsp; Related news the day before yesterday registered Adidas yeezy 750 boost "black" officially announced the list, among which there were 209 success, don't know what you are not lucky? name mobile phone number ID number Amway 185****31364206****0021Annikki 137****41871101****5211Cai Wangsong 158****65691311****3213Cao Huan 187****05193403****0850Cao Jiangle 185****91941101****6119Cao handsome 186****64692112****103xCao Yunqi 139****14461504****1713often runs 159****11152203****0011Chen Hanyu 136****57903204****0916Chen Minming 185****81293101****7019Chen Yu 186****47681201****0926Chen Yue 134****62803102****0020city 187****67081306****1277Cheng Mingshuo 186****82473623****0053Cheng Wei 186****68371101****1517al 156****33123505****8090Cui Jian 131****23361201****002xCong 134****16934209****5010Dai Shiyu 186****79793303****0950Dai Yiwei 138****49213101****2411Hao 155****37364103****0013partyDeng Yishan 150****35665002****3312Shiwei Du 186****06953505****5035Fan Jun 183****99781526****0523Fan Zhichao 136****53214401****2813Fang Yuhao 134****07523301****3915Feng Hao 135****27374407****〉